Step 1

Donate to an organization or fund of your choice. 

Not sure where to donate? Visit our Donate page to see our suggestions!

Donations between $15 and $35 will receive a dozen smaller baked goods, (e.g. cookies or cupcakes)

Donations between $35 and $50 will receive either up to two dozen small baked goods, or one larger item (e.g. a pie or cake)

$50+ donations have the option of ordering multiple items (e.g a pie and a dozen cookies)

step 2

Once you donate, make sure to save your proof of donation (a screenshot of a webpage or email that says something along the lines of "thank you for donating" would be perfect). 

step 3

Please select your location, and fill out the Google form. 

If you have any questions or run across any issues around ordering, email us at

Step 4

Enjoy your baked goods and keep fighting against racism!


We are based in the Bay Area, but have been working on expanding and currently have teams of bakers in the Bay Area as well as Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Stay tuned for more locations!

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